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Work continues on Mansfield traffic light

Work continues on Mansfield traffic light

ANDREA CRANFIELD MANSFIELD May 9, 2016 Construction on a new set of traffic lights in…

Docks to remain on Norway Bay beaches

ALINA SÉGUIN-HOLMES BRISTOL May 21, 2016 The Municipality of Bristol held a public meeting on…

Triple shed fire

Triple shed fire

Katherine Hynes, The Equity Thursday evening just after 7:00 p.m. the Shawville/Clarendon Fire Department was…

Disco’s not dead

Disco’s not dead

DAVID TULLOCH SHAWVILLE Feb. 17, 2016 The ‘70s and ‘80s were alive once again at…

Alcohol may be involved in single vehicle crash

Alcohol may be involved in single vehicle crash

ANDREA CRANFIELD CLARENDON May 13, 2016 Sûreté du Québec police officers were called to a…

The Equity Petro Pontiac

Knowing the ins and outs of outdoor furniture

DAVID TULLOCH May 25, 2016 As the warm weather seems to be here to stay, Pontiacers will soak up the sun at cottages and in their gardens with…

“Be patient, patience is a gardeners best tool”

ANDREA CRANFIELD PONTIAC May 18, 2016 Pontiacers with a green thumb are looking forward to planting their gardens this year. Although the warm weather has made an appearance…

Featureon5 Grandfather Grant Submitted by Brian Earl Beattie

Featureon5  Grandfather Grant Submitted by Brian Earl Beattie

My grandfather, William Grant Beattie, was born in Bristol, Quebec on March 4, 1902. In his primary years he attended #7 School in Bristol located on the 10th Line.…

Windshields and wildlife: why insurance claims increase in spring

Windshields and wildlife: why insurance claims increase in spring

DAVID TULLOCH May 11, 2016 Accidents happen. Mistakes are made. Sometimes, such as with vehicles, these accidents can end up being extremely costly and complicated, especially if they…


Time spent with friends

As the weather warms up, we are beginning to see an increase in events and activities organized every week. Flipping through…

Dialysis project not lost in the rinse

About eight years ago, a fundraiser was started to raise money to build a much-needed dialysis machine at the Shawville hospital.…

Under the Pines
Chris Judd

A few observations about health

A few months ago when Quebec started to look at health care cost, I had a chat with a Pontiac County health worker. I was shocked to…

The Way We Were

The Way We Were Compiled by Bonnie Chevrier

May 22, 1991, 25 Years Ago Competition keen at RVI horse draw: Ottawa Valley teamsters turned out in good numbers for the first horse draw of the…

Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor, Allow me to respond to letter-writer Jim Shea, Chairman of the Western Quebec School Board and member of the Executive Committee of the Quebec English…


Pontiac still the bellwether riding By Brian Middlemiss

Pontiac is a federal electoral riding as beautiful and enduring as the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers it borders. Bilingual and ruralist history was written by the farmers,…

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