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By-law changes prohibit shoreline alterations

CALEB NICKERSON MRC PONTIAC Oct. 26, 2016 Residents of the Pontiac wishing to alter a…

Local hops co-op awarded $7,000 grant

CALEB NICKERSON MANSFIELD Oct. 21, 2016 The Coopérative de solidarité Houblon Pontiac (CSHP) was awarded…

Military exercises to take place this weekend in Pontiac

CALEB NICKERSON MRC PONTIAC Oct. 26, 2016 About 80 soldiers and officers of the Régiment…

Blood donor drive cancelled

Chris Lowrey SHAWVILLE Oct. 26, 2016 A blood donor clinic that was scheduled for Nov.…

Literacy council continues to support English learners

Literacy council continues to support English learners

ALINA SÉGUIN-HOLMES SHAWVILLE Oct. 22, 2016 The Western Quebec Literacy Council (WQLC) held its annual…

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Featureon5 Oh my gourd: Clarendon resident raises record-breaking pumpkins by Caleb Nickerson

Featureon5  Oh my gourd: Clarendon resident raises record-breaking pumpkins by Caleb Nickerson

Todd Kline is an extreme gardener. The retired carpenter from Clarendon recently broke a record for the heaviest pumpkin ever grown in Canada at a contest in Port…

Winter car care advice

Winter car care advice

Chris Lowrey SHAWVILLE Oct. 19, 2016 It’s that time of year again: salty, slushy roads; cars coughing and sputtering to a start on a -30 degree morning; and…

Getting your boat ready for the winter season

ALINA SÉGUIN-HOLMES BRISTOL Oct. 12, 2016 How quickly the weather changes from hot summers on the lake to cold winters bundled up by the fire. For boat owners,…

Study on fire services to begin shortly

CALEB NICKERSON MRC PONTIAC Oct. 5 2016 MRC Pontiac will be conducting a study over the next few months on how to improve the organization of fire protection…


Scrap Bill 62

The Quebec government is currently holding public hearings about a proposed bill that would ban face coverings – niqabs in particular…

Packaging laws shouldn’t only apply to cigarettes

Last week the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) presented Pontiac MP Will Amos with a petition to increase the regulations on cigarette…

Under the Pines
Chris Judd

Evolving farmsteads Part one

Why do our farmsteads look like they do? Why did grandpa build a half a mile off the road? Why is the farm house usually built west…

The Way We Were

The Way We Were Compiled by Bonnie Chevrier

Oct. 23, 1991, 25 Years Ago Farmers unite to buy CPR land: It seems that everyone wants to own the Canadian Pacific Railroad corridor from Quyon east…

Letters to the Editor

Electoral reform in Canada

Dear Editor, In the early 1960s the Prime Minister of Canada, John Diefenbaker, said something like: “the electoral system in Canada is not very good….but show me…


Pontiac still the bellwether riding By Brian Middlemiss

Pontiac is a federal electoral riding as beautiful and enduring as the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers it borders. Bilingual and ruralist history was written by the farmers,…

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