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Slow smoulder

Slow smoulder

Ravignat introduces bill to aid veterans suffering PTSD

DAVID TULLOCH Equity Reporter OTTAWA May 13, 2015 Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…

New ferry bigger, better than ever before

New ferry bigger, better than ever before

DAVID TULLOCH Equity Reporter QUYON May 27, 2015 Despite a rough start, the new Quyon…

Community digs in for roadside clean up

Community digs in for roadside clean up

HAMISH MCKILLOP Equity Contributor PONTIAC May 16, 2015 Keeping the Municipality of Pontiac (MoP) clean…

Unacceptable negligence

Unacceptable negligence

 Katherine Hynes, THE EQUITY…

The Equity Petro Pontiac

Feature on 5: “The goal is to experience life”, Sébastien Beaudoin, druid

Feature on 5: “The goal is to experience life”, Sébastien Beaudoin, druid

Sébastien Beaudoin is always grateful for what life has given him. “Every day people are grumbling, but I say, no, life is good. It has a lot to…

Features on 5: Sébastien Beaudoin, potter and druid

Features on 5: Sébastien Beaudoin, potter and druid

EARLEEN DEVINE Sébastien Beaudoin grew up in Otter Lake where he spent much of his time playing in the woods and fishing. He also loved to draw, and…

FEATURES ON 5: Tedd Robinson: master of Indra’s net

KATE ALEY May 13, 2015 Contemporary dance creator Tedd Robinson is watching a rehearsal. Sitting  almost motionless deep in an armchair, he observes the five young dancers leap,…

Administrative assistants aim for the top

Kate Aley Equity Editor SHAWVILLE April 22, 2015 For those with a mental picture of a secretary as a woman wearing a skirt and heels, working with a…



Some say that they learned everything they needed to  know in kindergarten: say ‘please’, pick up your toys, take a nap.…

I’m going to make this simple so you’ll understand

It was very interesting to be able to chat to Sgt. Martin Fournel, community spokesperson for the MRC des Collines Police,…

Under the Pines
Chris Judd

Looking ahead

CHRIS JUDD May 27, 2015 Who will get the farm? Or the cottage or house or bush lot? How much will the governments take when I pass…

The Way We Were

The Way We Were

May 23, 1990, 25 Years Ago Governor General medals for Boutin and Camiré: Two medals from the Governor General were presented posthumously to officers Gaétan Boutin and…

Letters to the Editor

Big thank you

Dear Editor, The family of Rhoda Schwartz-Murray would like to send out a big thank you to Ginette Larochelle who works in the account department of the…


Slaying deficit dragons or taxing voters’ patience

Submitted by David Harper April 29, 2015 We’ll soon need to brace ourselves for an increasingly robust flood of “attack ads” aimed at each and every one…

Campbells Bay Ciment