A new home for Maison des Jeunes

Youngsters and their families were invited to check out the new location for Maison des Jeunes (MDJ) at Pontiac High School in Shawville on Friday night. The organization offers structured, healthy activities for a range of ages.
Pictured, Émilie Giroux holds the MDJ’s furry mascot, Caramel.

SHAWVILLE Nov. 2, 2018
On Friday evening, parents and children alike got a chance to party it up at the grand opening of the new Maison des Jeunes (MDJ) location in Shawville.
Located in the back of Pontiac High School (PHS), the room houses all kinds of board games, electronics and activities for the local youth.
“So technically it’s a partnership between Maison des Jeunes and the Western Quebec School Board, but more specifically Pontiac High School,” explained PHS Principal Debra Stephens. “We’ve given them the space in our school, use of the space and some things in the space. In return, they offer this incredible programming for our students and our future students as well.”
The old MDJ facility in Shawville was housed in a run-down garage near Dr. S.E. McDowell Elementary, but the building was condemned in the spring of 2017, forcing the relocation.


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