A Sunday morning paddle through time

The Friends of Chats Falls held their first group voyage onto the Ottawa River, leading two rabaskas plus a few other canoes, to five sites of importance to the logging trade, Indigenous culture and more. The trip filled up within three days and was organized in association with Gatineau Plein Air.
Two of the guests on the tour were joining in order to see firsthand some of the sites they had studied thus far, as they seek to open a museum focused on the logging industry in Quebec. From left: Isabelle Regout and Alexandre Pampalon of Columbo 1806 were excited to see such locations as Ruggle’s Slide and much more.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
QUYON July 29, 2018
Two boatloads of curious, history-hungry adventurers hit the Ottawa River Sunday morning seeking to catch a glimpse of various sites in Pontiac Bay that are only accessible by watercraft.
Led by the organizers of the Friends of Chats Falls (FCF)) the rabaskas, plus a few extra canoes, explored five sites along the Ottawa River, before returning to the Domaine de Pontiac Village for some further discussion.
“The idea is to showcase for people the rich history of the area,” said Maude-Emmanuelle Lambert, the group’s president. “A good way to do that is to go where the history is.”
Launching from 1061 chemin de la pointe Indienne, FCF members first learned about the history of that spot as a trading post, before continuing to historic sites relating to the logging trade.


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