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If you had a previous subscription to the online edition of The Equity and your subscription has expired, the Active status should be “No”, please follow these instructions to resubscribe to our new online service.

CLICK on the “Subscriptions” link.
The Active status should be “No”. If is is “Yes” then wait until your subscription has actually expired.
The two links “Update” and “Cancel” should be displayed beside your previous subscription.
CLICK on the “Cancel” link. DO NOT click on “Update”
A popup box should appear asking you “Are you sure you want to cancel this subscription?”.
CLICK on “Yes”.
You should see the message “Your subscription was successfully cancelled.”
A “Subscribe” link should now be displayed beside the subscription.
CLICK on the “Subscribe” link and follow the normal process to resubscribe to the online edition of The Equity.


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