An inside look at the new abattoir in Shawville

The Abattoir les Viandes du Pontiac held an open house on Saturday, allowing the public to tour the building, ask questions to the owners, and learn just how everything will work inside. Pictured, President Sofiane El Ketroussi details some of the technology behind the building to a group of guests.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
SHAWVILLE Nov. 3, 2018
A new business is preparing to open in Shawville before the new year, and to generate interest and feedback from potential customers, an open doors event was held on Saturday.
Running from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., guests to the Abattoir les Viandes du Pontiac could receive a tour, learn the ins and outs of all their processes and ask questions directly to the owners and employees of the business, ahead of the official opening in December.
“We’re already getting feedback from farmers in the area,” said Alain Lauzon, vice president, livestock director, and one of the founders. “We know it’s not going to be perfect when it opens, it may need some oil on the chain, but we’ll get it fixed.”
Despite this realistic outlook at the abattoir’s opening, Lauzon said the group is excited to see the project come to fruition, and confident they’re meeting farmers’ and the province’s expectations when it comes to fulfilling their requirements, from safety and comfort through to modern technology and practices.


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