Biking by Shelley Heaphy

Biking can be an inexpensive, fun, physical activity that can provide hours of summer fun for us and our children. It’s exciting to bike new trails, roads and go on adventures. This year marked an exciting milestone in our house; our two oldest children finally dropped the training wheels. This has meant further biking, and biking as a family, instead of walking beside them! With our littlest safely buckled in behind my husband, we go biking on the PPJ path, we bike to visit people, we bike to get ice cream - it’s really a great activity for the whole family!
Like everything else, with that fun comes a few important safety concerns. Teaching our children the rules of the road, dressing them in bright and visible colours, sticking to roads that have room for bikers and wearing bicycle helmets are some of the steps we can take to keep them safe while on the road. I’ve found myself yelling at everyone from the back of our line up, “stay near the grass, a car is coming”, “stop before turning” and so on.


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