Petawawa Kia

Choosing to stray SPIRITUAL GROWTH by Esther Colpitts

A friend phoned to tell me that her gray cat went missing. She had water in the basement and had left the window open to air out the bedroom downstairs and sure enough the cat found the opening and took off. He is a house cat and has been fairly pampered so being out in the wild with no food and near the highway, this could end up a sad story. I am praying he’ll come home, because I know that God is interested in all of our concerns.
When we were speaking, my friend made the analogy of how often we behave the same way as this cat. We have protection and everything we need under the shadow of God’s wings but no, we decide we want to head out and do things our own way just as if we know better than God how to live. When we choose to do that, we might, as is the case of gray cat, find ourselves in grave danger. Strange as that seems it is often what we choose. How much better to admit our limitations, turn and come home. God’s way is best!

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