Christmas decorating, on ice

Lamothe, decked out in cold-weather gear and a flotation device, took his canoe over to a spinning ice floe in the Ottawa River and decorated a Christmas tree he brought with him.
Lamothe’s tree lasted for several days in the middle of the river before the ice floe floated downstream.

It was Dec. 29 and Calumet Island resident Mike Lamothe was in a festive spirit. The holidays were winding to a close but he was still ready to spread Christmas cheer. So when he spotted a large circular ice floe spinning lazily in the Ottawa River just below the Calumet bridge, he knew he had to do something.
Donning cold-weather clothes and a flotation device, he grabbed his canoe, a tree and some decorations and took to the water. His brother Walter and sister-in-law Gaetane Vermette supervised from the shore with a video camera.
Paddling out to the disk, he cautiously tested the ice thickness with a pole before venturing out onto the floe.


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