Dramatizing a local legend

The Stone Fence Theatre will be showcasing its latest play about renowned author, Joan Finnigan, at Dr. S.E. McDowell on Sept. 29. The play chronicles the obstacles she had to overcome as a single mother in the 1960s working as an author.

SHAWVILLE Sept. 12, 2018
The Stone Fence Theatre will showcase its latest play, I Come From the Valley! Tales and Times of Joan Finnigan, will come to Dr. S.E. McDowell Elementary later this month.
Finnigan was an award-winning author who spent much of her time as a girl in Shawville.
The play was written by the company’s producer, Ish Theilheimer, as a tribute to someone he respected deeply.
“She was a master writer,” Theilheimer said. “A giant of a person.”
Although Finnigan was raised in Ottawa, both of her parents – local hockey legend Frank Finnigan and Maye Horner Finnigan – were born and raised in Shawville. She considered the town a second home of sorts when she was a youngster.
Theilheimer said one of the most impressive aspects of Finnigan as a subject is her risk-taking nature.


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