Employers learn the ins and outs of cannabis

The Pontiac Chamber of Commerce organized an information session on how cannabis legalization could affect Pontiac employers, seeing over 30 guests join them at the Little Red Wagon Winery on Oct. 25. Pictured, Tyler Pirie led the discussion, breaking down what cannabis is, what the laws are, and what employers need to do to protect themselves and all their employees.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
CLARENDON Oct. 25, 2018
Business owners and employers from all around the Pontiac took the opportunity to further their understanding of cannabis, it’s legalization and more last Thursday, while attending an information session at the Little Red Wagon Winery.
Around 30 people attended the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce event, where Tyler Pirie, an expert on substance use, broke down what the recent change of law could mean for their business.
“This presentation in particular is going to be focused on what business owners in the Pontiac region need to know, as employers, as business owners, and possibly, as employees, but more generally, as citizens,” said Pirie, ahead of the presentation. “A lot of people are interested in this, and in my opinion, there’s been a lot of media attention around it but not really a straight path guiding anybody to saying, this is a fact, this is a fact, this is a fact, here’s what you should do.”


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