From another era: Luskville electrician retires after 60 years by Caleb Nickerson

Ovila Saucier of Luskville is retiring this year after 60 years as an electrical contractor. Pictured, the nearly 90-year-old poses with his Master Electrician certificate, which he earned in 1958.

In Canada today, it seems that nearly everything is migrating into the digital realm. From banking to news, vehicles and appliances, there's always a process to be automated or a cumbersome paper trail to be moved to a Google storage facility.
In the midst of all this silicon and processing power, it's refreshing to meet someone who exclusively does things the old-school way. Someone like Ovila Saucier.
Saucier, at nearly 90 years-young, has finally decided that it's time to take step back after 60 years running his electrical company Saucier Electric.
“At that age, it's time to take my retirement,” he said with a laugh.
Though he curently resides in Luskville, Saucier is originally from the Gaspé region, and he fell into his trade quite quickly.
He grew up working from an early age, as was common at the time, in a house with no electricity. In the early 1940s, when he was a young buck of 14, Saucier decided he would remedy the situation himself and set off for the bush to earn some money. He returned and paid $90 to have the house connected to the grid.


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