Get a second opinion by Chris Judd

In agriculture, as in many other jobs, every day we are faced with decisions that may be as simple as getting up at five or six a.m. Leaving for work early enough can allow you to have a leisurely coffee and chat with coworkers before work starts.
Those who leave just a few minutes later will hurry and be frustrated and caught in rush hour just as the majority of other workers are daily.
Dairy farmers that milk their cows at twelve hour intervals twice a day or eight hour intervals three times every day seem to ship more milk per cow milked than those who have uneven times between milking.
On many hot humid summer evenings we see heat lightning light up clouds far enough away that we don’t hear any thunder. As a kid, I listened to many of my elders exclaim as we watched this evening light show, “There is no rain in those skies.”


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