Getting extra crafty

The annual Otter Lake Craft and Vendor show filled the Otter Lake R.A. Hall on Saturday, featuring a wide variety of vendors unique to the area showing off their wares. Event organizer Crystal Dubeau put her family to work that day, helping with a wide variety of tasks. Back row, from left: Dubeau and Austin Lance. Front row, from left: Tyler, Joel, Erica and Richard Lance.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
OTTER LAKE Nov. 3, 2018
Jingle bells were rocking and the Otter Lake R.A. Hall was hung with all manner of local vendors’ wares, as the 2018 Otter Lake Craft and Vender show took place on Nov. 3.
Featuring over a dozen vendors from around the Pontiac, plus many prizes, draws and food options, there was plenty to shop on Saturday as families sought to get their holiday lists crossed off.
Event organizer Crystal Dubeau said the event is a great way to help bring the community together as the holiday season begins, and that it was great to host it early as there isn’t always a lot of similar events going on just yet.
As well as organizing the show, Dubeau was also running her own booth, plus the kitchen with staff from her restaurant, Rumours Resto-Café. Which is why there’s another reason she arranges it all – it gets her whole family involved.


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