Home is where the haunt is By Donald Teuma-Castelletti

Found along chemin Stewart in Litchfield, Rottingwood Haunt is a homemade Halloween-themed spectacle, complete with realistic monsters, a haunted walk and plenty of frights.
Pictured from left: Darell and Lise McCorriston, seen in the boneyard, build the attraction on their property and are visited by a couple thousand guests each year.

Stepping onto the property is like the first glimpse of an amusement park. There’s lights, sounds and special effects bursting around the next corner, enticing guests along as they take in the spectacle that is Rottingwood Haunt.
As a dragon billows hearty plumes of smoke from its nostrils, skeletons dance along the windowpanes, and many more creatures lurk about the grounds of 20 chemin Stewart in Litchfield.
But this is just what’s seen from the outside – all the real scares begin when guests are ushered into the tents. In there, a step in the wrong spot could lead to a witch’s shriek, an animatronic hand grabbing at legs, or spiders dropping from the ceiling onto the unsuspecting guest’s head.
Since the 90s, Darell and Lise McCorriston have been building their original haunted walk from inflatables on their front lawn in Portage du Fort into the spectacle that it is today, drawing a few thousand visitors each year.


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