Hotel hilarious

Three stand-ups from Absolute Comedy put on a show at Gavan’s Hotel on Saturday night, seeing 160 people show up in support of the Quyon Lions.The Lions hope to put on more comedy shows in the future, based off the success of the evening on April 7. Emcee for the evening and comedian Julien Dionne liked to lean on the gross side of comedy, while trying to locate Quyon on a map.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
QUYON April 7, 2018
Gavan’s Hotel was packed and cheerful on Saturday night, when the crowd was treated to not just one or two world-class comedians, but three laugh-riot inducers in a benefit for the local Lions.
Seeing around 160 comedy enthusiasts – and more than a few hecklers – guests enjoyed over an hour of jokes from Absolute Comedy stand-ups, skewering topics from trying to find Quyon on Google Maps to attempting to get in shape.
“Truth. I think comedy should be truthful, but not necessarily factual,” said comedian Julien Dionne. “I try to be as honest as possible onstage.”
While many of the jokes seemed to fall back on the small-town lifestyle, guests seemed hardly offended as they laughed along with the comedians.
With Dionne opening the show and maintaining emcee duties, Josh Williams and Matt Carter soon followed.


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