I had more fun watching the Royal Wedding than I’d like to admit by CALEB NICKERSON

Donald Teuma-Castelletti, THE EQUITY
Intrepid EQUITY reporter Caleb Nickerson attended a Royal Wedding viewing party on May 19 hosted by the Norway Bay Historical Society. Though the ceremony was early in the morning, the mimosas were flowing as pictured above. Below, he does some research prior to the ceremony.


Over 25 guests enjoyed a light breakfast, mimosas and the viewing of the Royal Wedding, as the early risers met at the Jack Graham Community Centre on May 19. Guests were invited to wear their formal wear, if they desired.
The Jack Graham Community Centre in Bristol was filled with formal wear and fancy hats as the Norway Bay Historical Society hosted a viewing party for the Royal Wedding.

Before most people rose from their beds on Saturday, I, along with thousands of other peasants across the Commonwealth, witnessed the union of an American actress and the Queen’s red-headed grandson.
In the brief span of minutes that my associate Don and I spent hurtling down the highway towards the Jack Graham Community Centre in Bristol, it struck me that this was one of the oddest assignments I had ever undertaken.
To gather in a hall and sip mimosas with strangers while watching a television program at 5:30 in the morning is one thing, to come out on the other side with a coherent narrative to put on paper is another.
In addition, I had decided against any research about the Royals or the bride and groom to-be, opting instead to rely on my fellow viewers to fill in the blanks for me. Much like the reality shows that drop naked people in the forest to see if they can survive, I was going to have to get by with just my wits.
Fearing I would appear too much like the disheveled, moon-faced outsider that I am, I asked Don if I should tuck in my tuxedo t-shirt.
He didn’t think it would make much difference.

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