I may have crushed some grapes, but I didn’t whine (that much) By Caleb Nickerson

Equity assistant editor Caleb Nickerson spent the better part of a day as a grape harvester at the Little Red Wagon Winery in Clarendon last week. Not only was he reminded about the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, but he learned a few facts about fermentation, too.

I had responded to an open call for hands to pick grapes at the Little Red Wagon Winery in Clarendon, and I had no idea what to expect as I puttered down chemin du Calumet Ouest.
I’d done some basic research at the office while sipping my morning coffee, but that’s kind of like taking a theoretical Phys. Ed. class. Some things you have to experience first-hand.
According to Wikiped – er, the host of reputable wine sites I read, I would be taking part in what the French call a ‘vendange’, one of the most crucial steps in the winemaking process. Apparently, this harvest is traditionally a community event, bringing out friends and neighbours to throw out their backs and blow out their knees, together.


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