I went on two home tours to find my Christmas spirit

by Caleb Nickerson

The home of Richard and Crystal Lance won the Otter Lake home decorating contest over the weekend, beating out 25 other area abodes. The judges were impressed with the overall theme, music and lighting.

It was early in the afternoon on a Thursday, and I was in need of a feature story. In the two-plus years as deputy editor at this paper, it was a situation I’d faced many times before, but had become no less daunting.
Like manna from heaven, a message appeared in my inbox when I returned from lunch. It turned out to be from Otter Lake councillor Desiree Tremblay-Giroux, inviting me to participate as a judge for their R.A.’s second annual house-decorating contest.
Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to roll around the neighbourhood judging other people for their aesthetic choices, but to be honest, Christmas festivities really aren’t my thing.
I’ve got nothing against folks getting into the spirit, but I’ve never understood the overly-chipper people that seem to live for their Yuletide carols and eggnog, earnestly polishing their nutcrackers and ornaments during the offseason.


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