Petawawa Kia

In a little building on Lake St. by Caleb Nickerson

The Pontiac Historical Museum sits on Lake St. in Shawville and offers many interesting insights into the region’s past. From left: Pontiac Historical Society President Chris Seifried, summer students Rebecca Kelly and Makayla Kluke.

It was on a sunny Friday afternoon that I decided to take a trip to the Pontiac Historical Museum.
Growing up I was always a bit of a history nerd, though I tended to focus on the parts that seemed interesting to a young boy, namely WWI and II.
Having moved here just under a year ago, I was vaguely aware that there was a museum in Shawville, similar to how I was aware of the fire hydrant outside my apartment building. Footnotes in the annals of my brain.
“Ah, yes, the old red thing in the front lawn, it’s for fighting fires or something right?”
“Ah yes, the old red building in the corner of the fairgrounds, it’s a museum or something right?”

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