Julia Wilkie weigh the issues – Week 1: Healthcare

Julia Wilkie Quebec Solidaire

According to the IRIS study requested by Équité Outaouais, the Outaouais has a funding shortfall of $150 million per year in its healthcare system, and this is on top of the $100 million paid to Ontario. Due to Barrette’s reform, citizens no longer have easy access to the healthcare system. The situation has become unmanageable and inhumane, especially in Shawville. The time has come to realize that the last 8 years of QLP reign in the Pontiac have not served us well.
Québec solidaire will act to end this nonsense that has become the healthcare situation in the Outaouais. Québec solidaire is the only party with the political courage to significantly raise the revenues of the State. With these funds, we will bring the Outaouais up to speed. We are ready to take bold actions to address and reverse our region's history of chronic under-funding compared to similarly-sized regions in Quebec.


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