Labadie wins Pontiac mayoral race

Newly-elected mayor of the Municipality of Pontiac, Joanne Labadie, said her main focus is getting up to speed when it comes to the status of those affected by the flooding in the spring. Labadie said she is looking forward to working with the other new members of council.

Chris Lowrey
The Municipality of Pontiac has a new mayor: local entrepreneur Joanne Labadie.
Labadie unseated former mayor Roger Larose by a count of 1,227 to Larose’s 852, good for 59 per cent of the vote.
Labadie leads the charge when it comes to a group of newcomers to the municipality’s council. Only two councillors – Nancy Draper-Maxsom and Thomas Howard – are returning from last term.
Labadie said the returning councillors will be able to help the new councillors extensively with their experience from the last four years.
Her first order of business is to get up to speed when it comes to the flood victims from the springtime.


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