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The Ladysmith Flea Market is still going great with a good attendance and last Saturday we had good sales and enjoyed meeting a lot of people. This coming weekend is the long weekend of the summer and we expect to be extra busy.
Last Thursday evening, when Marie Gauthier and I were on our way to Otter Lake to play darts, we got caught in that bad storm we had. The wind was blowing the trees and leaves and branches were hitting the car and then some big object hit my car and just missed the windshield, hitting the roof instead. It sure was scary. We did get to Otter Lake but there was a small attendance. There was no hydro in Ladysmith when we got home and it didn’t come on till the next morning. The wind did a lot of damage around our house. We have five cedar trees down behind our house and one on our front lawn but we are lucky that they didn’t hit the shed or house.


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