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Our sympathy to the family and friends of Lawrence Schrankler who passed away April 2 in his 69th year.
Our sympathy to the family and friends of Mary Ellen (Nellie) Nulty who passed away March 24 at 95 years of age.
Our sympathy also to the family and friends of Althonsine Tourangeau, wife of Theo who passed away recently.
Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the young hockey players and others in Saskatchewan who were killed in that terrible bus accident. When their pictures were shown on TV it was hard to hold back the tears. It is a terrible loss to the whole country.
We are sill waiting for spring and to see our first robin. I usually get a phone call from people when they see them arrive but so far, no calls. Last week’s snowstorm was bad for this time of the year. I was talking with Allison Corrigan and he remembers a snowstorm in 2001 when a chip truck ran off the Danford Lake Road with a load of chips and upset.


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