Left hand, meet right hand

Why do we have SWAT teams?
SWAT stands for special weapons and tactics. They’re called in when the normal police procedures are not cutting it and extreme measures are required.
When Pontiac MNA André Fortin announced the formation of an economic SWAT team for the Pontiac, we were told that normal procedures weren’t working and we needed extreme measures.
The goal of the economic SWAT team is to identify, attract and contribute to projects that will spur economic growth in the region.
The sense of urgency was apparent at the SWAT team’s first meeting.
“The idea is to take these projects and feed them up,” said Pontiac MNA André Fortin in March of 2017. “And make sure they don’t face undue red tape and government over-regulation but also to make sure that they are treated with a sense of urgency.”


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