Petawawa Kia

Left standing with no note

Last Monday, I left my office at THE EQUITY to see my fog light cover lying on the ground in front of my car. As I bent down to pick it up, I noticed the bumper of my car all scratched. Moving around the driver’s side fearing the worst, I saw a big dent, paint peeled off and the upper bumper cracked and pulled away from my car.
I looked around the parking lot, saw no one in sight and no note on my windshield, so I went into Hursty’s to ask if anyone had seen any vehicles with a particular paint colour parked outside earlier. I spoke to someone who had witnessed a man in a grey/silver truck hauling a silver cattle trailer having a hard time getting out of the parking lot earlier in the day. This guy was indeed parked beside my car.
I just wonder if that guy would contact me regarding the damage done to my car? Perhaps you did not realize you hit my car and left on your way. I would really appreciate a call from you.

Kathy Hynes

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