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A press briefing was held on April 3 at Shawville Town Hall with three owners of the abattoir, soon to be built just outside of town. A public information session will be held on April 30 at the Shawville R.A. Hall, at 7 p.m. Pictured is a 3D mock-up of the facilty.

SHAWVILLE April 3, 2018
On April 3, a briefing was held at Shawville Town Hall with three of the owners of the abattoir slated for construction in Shawville.
Mayor Sandra Murray started the meeting off by explaining that there would be a public information session scheduled at some point in April. The exact time was later confirmed for April 30 at 7 p.m. at the Shawville R.A. Hall.
There were officials representing several different organizations in attendance, in addition to Shawville council members and local media.
The three owners present were Alain Lauzon, Gilles Langlois, and Sofiane El ketroussi. They explained that there is also a fourth owner, Ibrahima Diagne, who was unable to be present.
The public information drive comes after a handful of concerned citizens came to the March 27 council meeting, demanding further details on the project.


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