Municipality of Pontiac residents face four per cent tax hike

The 2019 budget for the Municipality of Pontiac will see residents fork over an extra 4.3 per cent in taxes.
The municipality’s tax revenue will grow from $4,944,792 in 2018 to $5,203,402 in 2019 – a boost of more than $250,000 for the municipality’s coffers.
According to Mayor Joanne Labadie, the tax increase is related to the natural disasters that have struck the region recently.
Recent flooding is partly to blame. Mainly, many people were forced to move out of their homes in flood-ravaged areas – which means fewer taxpayers. Additionally, the value of many homes dropped as a result of the flooding.
With a smaller tax base and properties that have seen their value stagnate, that meant an increase in the tax rate was necessary, according to Labadie.


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