Officials preview new dialysis unit

Local officials held a press conference at the Shawville hospital on March 5 to preview the layout of the long-awaited satellite dialysis unit. From left: Pontiac MNA André Fortin, Shawville Hospital Director of Nursing, Gail Ryan, and Pontiac Community Hospital board member Allan Dean.
The offical floor plan

SHAWVILLE March 5, 2018
On March 5, local media were invited to the Shawville Hospital for a press conference to preview the layout of the new satellite dialysis unit that is currently in the early stages of construction.
Attended by local MNA André Fortin and Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation member Allan Dean, the hospital's Director of Nursing, Gail Ryan gave the presentation and answered questions on the details of the project.
Dean lead the meeting off by saying how pleased he was that the long-awaited project was finally underway. Fundraising for the project began back in September 2007, and has cumulatively brought in close to $700,000 from the local community.
“That unit is now coming to fruition. We can see it coming to fruition, construction is beginning downstairs, and so on,” he said, thanking the hard work of the community, as well as Fortin. “Without André's input, this project would never have gotten this far, he was instrumental.”
Ryan went through the components of the unit, which began with a waiting room and a locker room for patients to store their clothes and valuables. They then go to a weigh station before they are directed to their chairs.


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