Olive Kamanyana weighs the issues – Week 1: Healthcare

Olive Kamanyana Coalition Avenir Quebec

Address shortcoming of personnel
Outaouais lacks health personnel at all levels: family doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, managers in our hospitals, care professionals, beneficiary attendants. Under the model proposed by the Liberals during the last 15 years, related tasks, overtime, lack of work and training tools and the precariousness of part-time work do not attract professionals into our health system. Gaétan Barrette centralized and demobilized the entire health network. Employees, nurses and attendants are becoming sicker. More than $500 million was spent on sick leave last year; there has been a sharp increase since the arrival of Barrette.
Coalition Avenir Québec propose to fix health system problems under three basic principles of our health plan: investing, decentralizing and decompartmentalizing.
– Improve working conditions for professionals in short supply in the Outaouais, such as nurses, by offering a more competitive offer compared to Ontario as well as full-time, quality positions that attract and retain the necessary staff.
– Improve the organization of work to put the patient at the center of the health system so that the doctor and the nurse do their job of healing.
– Integrate Specialized Nurse Practitioners (SPIs)
– Modernize the network so that each occupational group can use all their skills
– Monitor the partnership with McGill University, whose first cohort of physicians is expected to begin in 2020.
– And most of all, build a new high technology hospital
– Restore many more powers to health care institutions undermined by centralization and the massive cuts by the Liberal regime. We note the failure of the CISSSO’s centralized network, where decisions are made by well-intentioned administrators, no doubt, but ultimately somewhat disconnected from the needs of the population, its services and its staff.
Our commitment is to seek efficiency
– Through the repatriation of primary care from Ontario, we are improving the provision of front-line services by peripheral institutions, such as regional hospitals, FMGs and CLSCs, which are essential to relieve our hospitals and slow down the bleeding into the facilities of Ontario.
– Reviewing the fee-for-service model of physician compensation.
– Renegotiate the agreement with medical specialists to ensure a more equitable distribution of working conditions in the health sector. Under this Liberal government, specialty doctors are already receiving $ 1 billion a year. The Liberal government, champion of spending on structures, has not been successful in ensuring that every patient has a family doctor and decreases waiting time in an emergency.
– Support home support by opening 20 respite centers for family caregivers at the national level with the Gilles-Carle Foundation and new tax credits.
More and better infrastructure
– Considering the deterioration of the health system infrastructure in the Outaouais, the CAQ has a sustained plan based on the repatriation of sums due to the Outaouais to build a regional mission hospital (170 beds) and renovate existing infrastructures. From the first mandate, the CAQ would put this project in the Québec Infrastructure Plan (PQI), with the objective of starting to provide care within 5 years. This hospital will be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and specialized equipment.
– In addition to the MRI device announced by the Quebec government in May 2018, a new device claimed by the Gatineau Hospital would be possible under the CAQ’s control so that patients can have fast access without transfer.
– CAQ wants to increase the number of operating theaters to keep pace with population growth and surgical needs.

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