Open letter to the outgoing Liberal Member of the National Assembly for Pontiac

Dear Mr. Fortin,
Le Droit newspaper of Aug. 27, 2018 reports that according to you, the Liberal team has done a lot of work in the region in recent years.
As a member of the National Assembly of Quebec, you might consider stopping, in the name of transparency, retrieving the accomplishments of others to find something to tell the voters. The Faculty of Medicine at UQO was announced a long time ago and nothing has happened; the Rapibus and the light rail project are initiatives of the City of Gatineau; the reduction of school taxes has been drawn directly from the CAQ platform (and other reductions are coming under the CAQ); the superclinics are still too few after all these years where you had, and should have taken the time, to develop them and yet, they improve because of the criticisms of the CAQ that wants to open on evenings and weekends.


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