Parking police pay a visit

It appears as if the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSSO) is making good on its promise to ticket staff members who haven’t paid for parking.
Several people on the “Pontiac Voice” Facebook group have drawn attention to the fact that parking enforcement officers have been paying visits to healthcare facilities in the Pontiac.
For the last couple of weeks, parking enforcement officers have been handing out tickets to those parked in staff parking spots at the CAP, CLSCs and the Shawville Hospital.
At some of these facilities, the staff parking spots are clearly marked. At other locations, the spots aren’t clearly delineated.
This means that some people who use these facilities may park in a staff parking spot by mistake. Some of these people – who aren’t CISSSO employees – have been receiving warning tickets on their windshields.
One person who posted in the Facebook group said that a parking enforcement officer told her that they would be making the rounds on a weekly basis and that once a person gets three warnings, their car will be towed.


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