Pontiac Sorting Centre fined $40,000

LITCHFIELD Jan. 31, 2019
The Pontiac Sorting Centre has been fined $40,747 for several environmental offenses under the Environmental Quality Act.
The ministry of sustainable development, the environment and the fight against climate change investigated the site, located in the Litchfield Industrial Park, on May 17, 2013.
Inspectors found three infractions: the sorting centre stored wood and metal on a non-asphalt surface; it did not waterproof the sorting surfaces with the installation of concrete slabs; and it stored asphalt shingles outside of a building.
These three offences breached section 123.1 of the Environmental Quality Act.
Additionally, the ministry visited the site again on Sept. 8, 2015 and found that the sorting centre had failed to take the necessary measures for the storage of residual materials.
It’s unclear what is included in those residual materials, but ministry spokesperson Sophie Gauthier said there was more than 650 tonnes of residual materials that were not stored properly.
Since 2013, the sorting centre has received 10 notices of non-compliance from the ministry.
In total, the environmental fines amount to $37,500 and the sorting centre is also on the hook for $3,247 in legal costs incurred by the ministry.
The sorting centre got its certificate of authorization in June of 2012. It specializes in the sorting, processing and recycling of dry construction, renovation and demolition materials.
Gauthier said that the sorting centre’s certificate of authorization stipulated that concrete slabs had to be installed in order to provide a measure of waterproofing to prevent wastewater from leaching into the ground.
Additionally, Gauthier said that the sorting centre still is not in compliance with ministry regulations. She said that during inspections in 2017 and 2018, the quantities of residual materials stored outside the authorized site have increased.
Representatives from the Pontiac Sorting Centre did not respond for comment.

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