Pride in his two hands by Donald Teuma-Castelletti

Stepping into his workshop, two things will greet you at this time of year. First, will be the noise of the evaporator, humming loudly as it pushes steam up, simultaneously warming the room to a comfortable level.
The second will be a shot of maple syrup – golden brown and runny to the perfect consistency – poured from a long-finished 26er, now repurposed to hold the far-more-valuable liquid.
Of course, this warm welcome will be followed with a quick question, to the point, wondering what is thought of the syrup. Art Fleming will wait for an answer, through he already knows it, and like most everything in his life, he’s proud to share that he made it himself.
Looking around the property, it’s easy to see why Fleming was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the latest Pontiac Chamber of Commerce Gala. However, the real story won’t become clear until after speaking with him, as he’s quick to know his place in this family business.
“If I had to have that 30 years ago when I was in business, I mean, this is a hobby to me here right now,” said Fleming, gesturing to the building and property around him. “I’m working for my wife right now, I’m not working for myself.”


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