Reminder: No open fires

CLARENDON May 30, 2018
Despite the recent rainfall over the weekend, the local fire department is asking residents to comply with the laws of the land surrounding bonfires and the like.
Though the fire ban was lifted in the area on May 28, bonfires are still a no-go.
“In Clarendon, the rule is, there's no open fires allowed from April 30 till Nov. 1,” explained Shawville-Clarendon Fire Department (SCFD) Chief Lee Laframboise. “If you want to have a fire with one of these little screened-in devices you can buy at Canadian Tire, you're allowed to do that, but you get a permit from [the municipality]. The permit's free, and it lasts for the whole year, it's to let us know who has them. If it got super dry, we could call them and tell them not to burn.”
Shawville residents are also barred from open fires but can use screened-in appliances without a permit.


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