Reusable straws are just a start

Dear Editor,
I’m not the most conscientious recycler at my household, so I know how it feels to be nudged toward doing what we know is the right thing to do. So here’s another little nudge, for myself and everybody else. We live in a society and a time when we have more material possessions than we can use or maintain.
Who would have thought that our parents, who worked so hard to rebuild a modern world after World War II would have overshot the mark so far, that our generation’s great challenge is to find some place to put the leftovers?
Each municipality in Pontiac has waste management infrastructure in place. Imperfect works-in-progress that they are, it’s still our (all citizens) duty to the future, to get out of our habits and to make the system work as well as possible. The people who work in the business of gathering and transporting our waste are not getting rich quickly or easily, so let’s not bother with the comments about waste management and recycling being a cash grab. There is room for anyone to jump in, help out and grab as much cash as you can.


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