Running life by your own rules

Recently, a number of us gathered at the church for our annual get-together. We play games, eat lots of unhealthy snacks and ring in the New Year together.
I decided to play Scrabble and a friend and her husband joined in. As we went along making words, he put a word in which was an abbreviation one way and misspelled the other way. I said he couldn’t do that because the rules said not to and his retort was, ‘rules were made to be broken.’ Everyone laughed.
I suppose when you are playing Scrabble it probably doesn’t matter. But in life, when we break the rules that God has given us, it can be extremely serious.
Because He formed us in our mother’s womb, Psalm 139, He alone knows the best way for us to live. If we ignore the principles He has laid out in Scripture for us, we are going to suffer more than if we don’t. Eating junk food one evening in the year will not bring about great harm, but I cannot live like that and expect to enjoy life and good health. My body isn’t made for that abuse or any other that we can easily fall into.
God loves us and has left us with instructions to guide us throughout life. A good plan would be to follow Him this New Year!

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