Seeing it done, the old-school way with the Alarys

A popular portion of the event saw families take a ride into the sugar bush, to see how the maple trees are tapped. Pictured, Remi Alary drives another group into the bush for their tour.
Pictured, Remi Alary pushes the corn through a machine that plucks the kernels from the cob, so they can be ground into cornmeal.
The Alary farm at 5 chemin Odessa in Luskville played host to guests from all around the community, as part of the UPA’s open doors event on Sunday. Pictured, Daniel Alary drills a hole through a repurposed nail, offering them as souvenirs to their guests.









Donald Teuma-Castelletti
LUSKVILLE Sept. 9, 2018
Families had the chance to take a step backwards in time on Sunday, when the Alarys held an open house, showcasing the traditional method of preparing cornmeal, working as a blacksmith, tapping maple trees, plus all of the old-school machinery necessary to do so and more.
In conjunction with L’Union de Producteurs Agricoles’ (UPA) open door events across Quebec, l'Érablière Riveraine and farm played host to guests from 10 a.m. through till four in the afternoon, allowing the chance to explore the property, practices and sample the homemade, cornmeal-based pancakes of Daniel and Louise Alary at 5 chemin Odessa in Luskville.
The family had eight stations with unique experiences to explore, starting with a visit to the blacksmith’s forge.
“From a six-inch nail, we make a hook,” said Daniel. “First, we heat the nail in the forge.”


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