Shawville bar plays for the heart

Atkinson’s Sports Bar held their annual Golf for the Heart tournament on Saturday, seeing 27 teams support the cause at Mickey Creek Golf Club before retiring back to Shawville for a steak dinner at the bar. From left: Course owners Jeff and Brenda Presley, tournament organizer September Hamilton, Kyle Corriveau, and Sandra and Pete Dumouchel at the end of the day’s games.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
Sept. 29, 2018
With attendance up over 60 per cent, 120 steaks to grill, and everybody swinging from, and for, the heart, Atkinson’s Sports Bar celebrated another year of supporting the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.
Twenty-seven teams hit the greens at Mickey Creek Golf Club on Saturday, with many more joining at the bar back in Shawville come evening for dinner and company, as the group enjoyed the 24th edition of the tournament.
Bar manager and tournament organizer September Hamilton said she looks forward to the day bringing old friends together as folks come in from all over the Pontiac and beyond to support the cause.


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