Something from nothing: The story of the Lotus (Clinic)

Joanne Romain owns and operates the Lotus Clinic in Shawville, which she opened in 2014. After starting out with seven doctors, she is proud to announce that an 11th general practitioner will be arriving at the clinic in April.

In several ancient cultures, the lotus flower has significant meaning, often serving as a metaphor for rebirth, or the contrast between night and day. It's hard to believe that the beautiful petals floating on the surface of the water could spring from the mud below, but they do and the result is stunning.
According to Joanne Romain, the owner of the Lotus Clinic in Shawville, this contrast was the inspiration for her business, and now that four years have gone by, it still stands as an apt comparison.
“I said, I would like it to be the name of a flower,” she explained, sitting in an empty office in the clinic, located on rue Centre. “One of my friends was helping me. I was thinking of lotus, and she came back with lotus too. I liked the lotus because it's a flower that comes from nothing, it comes from mud, but it's so beautiful.”
“It's the same here, this was nothing, just ground and we built a beautiful clinic to help the people,” she continued, gesturing to the floor. “That's why I called it the Lotus.”
The Clinic was the recipient of the Health Services Award at the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala on Feb. 23. They were also recognized as the Best New Business in 2015, two years after opening.


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