Spiritual Growth By Esther Colpitts

All or nothing
I was listening to a comedian talk about a syndrome called ‘all or nothing’ and I realized that we can all have it at times. This is how it goes. You are trying to lose weight. You want to eat healthy but you give in and eat a few spoonfuls of ice cream. Immediately you feel like you have lost the battle. So you give up and go on to eat a whole bowl. Sadly, you can be stalled in that mode for weeks or even months and fail to realize that all is not lost. There is a better way.
When an obstacle seems to be insurmountable, we need to look up. God is bigger than any problem we face, big or small. Asking can be humbling but that is definitely a key. God says we are to become like a child, not childish, rather, child- like. Children recognize their limitations and ask. When we recognize our weakness and reach out in faith we can and will access His wisdom and strength to overcome anything that comes our way.

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