Petawawa Kia

SPIRITUAL GROWTH by Esther Colpitts: Fool’s Gold

I was outside talking with friends when one of them stooped down, picked up a rock and said, “Here. Would you like some Fool’s Gold?” It took me back in my memory to old movies I had seen about prospectors, the intrigue of striking it rich, and the fighting that went on against those who would steal their claim. It started me thinking.
We are born with a need for significance and love. For varying reasons we can easily get caught up in searching for something that will fill that void in our soul. Only our Creator can truly meet that need. When we don’t believe or realize that truth, we can get side tracked by the glitter of what the world promises will bring fulfilment. Sadly, often, we become trapped in a cycle of striving and failing.
There is a way out. A place of freedom. When we believe God and learn to trust His wisdom we can find the best way to go. “The Lord gives riches and He adds no sorrow to it.” Proverbs 10:22

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