Clear viewing
My 14-year-old car was beginning to show its age, so I decided to get another. When I picked out the one I thought I liked, I had no idea all that it would do. I was quite content with my old vehicle. Everything was manual and that suited me fine at the time.
I have now entered the world of accessories one of which is a back-up camera. Great fun! It was working fine until the other day when I put the car in reverse. To my surprise the picture was completely fuzzy. I couldn’t make out anything and wondered what had gone wrong so soon. That continued for a few days until just by chance I noticed a small piece of metal protruding from the back latch. Looking closer I realized it was the camera. It was filthy. Wiped clean it worked just like new.
As we walk along the path of life we are bombarded with much that is not pure or clean. It is very easy to allow the ideas of this world to fill our mind with things that do not glorify our maker. Choosing to live life by our own means we can easily stray off the path God intended for us to follow and then, next thing you know we are trapped in a mud hole we cannot get out of. Nothing works the way it did and we wonder why.
When we look to God, He will keep the view clear.

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