Petawawa Kia


The recipe
I decided I would make a type of cookie I’d never tried before. A young fellow who was working for me showed me one he had purchased at the store and I thought it would be a fun challenge to try.
The idea was to make cookies as usual and then put ice cream in between. It was a bit challenging because ice cream melts quickly but I managed to get them made and felt quite happy about the end product.
In every area of life there are prerequisites to what happens next. When I make cookies I think about what ingredients I need and how I want the cookies to look. I decide beforehand on the basis of my preference. When I’m thinking about cookies it’s no big deal, but when I am thinking about interacting with people its a different story.
If I have a preconceived thought about a person I will treat them accordingly. If I have a prejudice against them or anger for whatever reason, I will subconsciously have already made up my mind and what they receive in my interaction may easily be offensive without my even realizing it. What we think comes through, always.
There is one sure way of keeping that from happening! Remember that every person is made in the image of God. Each person has value and should be treated accordingly. When I pray and use the word of God to filter my thoughts, I can, with His love.

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