Petawawa Kia

Spiritual Growth Esther Colpitts Crossing over the line

When I’m driving on the highway and I move slightly over the line on either side of the road an indicator lights up on the dash and a beeping sound gives warning. It is a good thing. I might not be paying enough attention and I suppose if a person began to fall asleep it would warn you of impending danger.
When we interact with each other there are no beeps to tell us when we have moved too far into another person’s problems, but trouble will ensue if we do. We are called by God to look out for each other. That is a good thing. It becomes unhealthy when we step over the line and begin to shoulder their trouble for them. It can be hard not to want to handle a difficulty in another’s life, when you’ve already mastered that struggle yourself, but it does not make the other person stronger. In fact they are weakened and will struggle more in the long run. You become a crutch, something God never intended. Wisdom is needed as to when to step up and when to let go. But He says in the book of James, ask if we need wisdom. He will give it generously.

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