St. Charles raises $1,700


The Lafleur family was out in force on Saturday at St. Charles Borromeo Church's annual garage sale fundraiser. From left: Sara Landry, Elise Lafleur, Pat Lafleur (holding great-grandson Tanner Lafleur), Adeline Lafleur, Nicole Lafleur, Claire Romain and Carmen Lafleur.


St. Charles Borromeo Church in Otter Lake held its second annual bake and garage sale on June 2 to raise money for day to day church operations. The Otter Lake Fire Department helped out by cooking up some food on the barbeque for attendees.



OTTER LAKE June 2, 2018
On Saturday, the grounds of St. Charles Borromeo Church in Otter Lake were filled with people and a vast assortment of odds, ends and everything in between for sale.
In the rectory, there were baked goods, in the parking lot there were several tables of garage sale items and on the lawn, members of the local fire department barbequed up some grub for the hungry shoppers.
Joan Dubeau, who helped coordinate the event, explained that the funds raised go towards the day to day operation of the church. She said that this is the second year they have had the event.


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