Petawawa Kia

The battle is on SPIRITUAL GROWTH by Esther Colpitts

Last year, the bugs won and this year I determined I would fight with renewed vigour. I bought a large sprayer and armed with soap and water sprayed the trees and rose bushes, two days in a row. I think the bugs were deterred somewhat but they have not given up and neither have I. I have to admit though that as I go out each day and they are still there eating my little apples. I at times feel discouraged. Giving up would be easier. The problem is you forfeit any chance of beating what you are up against when you do that.
It is the same in every area of life. Each struggle we encounter fights back against our attempts to go forward. Whether it is a spiritual battle as we try to live out what God’s word says is the best way to go, or whether it is something else, we must never stop trying. There will be times in every fight where we may have to pull back and rethink what we believe and where we want to be down the road.
But, remember, we must not feel sorry for ourselves or blame others for our dilemma. What happens depends on our choices and our willingness to give it our best. Do what you can and leave what you cannot to God.

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