Petawawa Kia

The Parents’ Voice By Shelley Heaphy

Christmas Baking

I love that we have a whole weekend to spend prepping for Christmas before the big day, which is just five days away. I know there are many last minute details to take care of that have just sort of snuck up on us. I thought I was ahead of the game back in November but am now feeling the pinch of just a few days left to get things done. Throughout the stress, crossing off lists and rushing, I am trying really hard to stop and create wonderful memories with the kiddos.
One thing we do yearly is bake goodies for our friends and neighbours. It’s actually one of my most favourite, festive activities. Try and carve out an afternoon or evening as a family to prepare some yummy treats to share at Christmas.
You absolutely do not have to be an all time great baker to accomplish this task. I promise you, I am the most impatient baker ever, so my goodies are never perfect, yet we generally don’t receive any complaints. I think the key is all in the recipe.

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