The Parents’ Voice By Shelley Heaphy

Developmental milestones

Is my child delayed? Developing on curve? Should I be worried? Is this normal? Are they ahead of the game? Should I be teaching them this or that?
These are all questions that most parents pose themselves daily about their children. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being a parent gives a whole new meaning to the word worry. No longer do you worry about yourself as much, it’s all about them, their development, social life, school life, physical development, happiness, well-being and on and on. It’s quite a thrill, this ride called parenting and I’ve really just started, being seven years in.
Waving, talking, walking, sitting up, rolling over and playing are all developmental milestones. There are age ranges as to when children should develop each of these and many other skills, called developmental milestones.
The term milestones can bring about happy thoughts as well as nervous ones. Sometimes a parent may have the dreaded feeling in the pit of their stomach that nags them, thinking perhaps what their child is doing isn’t quite normal. Others look at these milestones with pride thinking, wow my child’s been doing this for such a long time.


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