The Parents’ Voice By Shelley Heaphy


Coming from a family of four girls, I know what it’s like to have siblings. I remember the fights, the laughs, the hugs, the punches, the screaming, the crying and most of all, the making up.
I come from a family that believes strongly in the importance of family (thank God) and we grew up with this as the motto in our house. We have never stopped hearing “someday she’ll be your best friend.” We rarely fight now that we’re adults (much to my parents’ delight) and truly are there for each other for every single event in each others’ lives. I am forever grateful to have been born into our family.
Now, that doesn’t mean it was easy for my parents, and it certainly isn’t easy for us either. Raising siblings is hard work. How do you allow each of them to be themselves, while still co-existing together? How do you ensure they follow their hearts while not hurting the others feelings? How do we let them pursue their interests even if it means the others have to tag along?


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