The Parents’ Voice By Shelley Heaphy “Doing it all”

I am in absolute awe of parents who manage to do it all, all the time.
I am not a single parent but have felt like one the past couple of months when my partner has been away for work. I honestly felt like I wouldn’t survive some nights. I can’t fathom how parents go it alone all the time. There is no one stronger in my eyes.
In our area we also have a lot of single parent families due to working outside of our area. With less jobs available locally, families cope with one parent away for long periods of time for work.
Single parents are left to do everything. The list is a mile long, the indoor stuff, the outdoor stuff, the organizing, planning, prepping, cleaning, cooking, garbage, recycling and that’s just house stuff. They have to give all the hugs, wipe all the tears, answer all the questions, do all the homework, make all the lunches, give all the baths, apply all the Band-Aids, buy all the groceries … and so much more. They are always on and never get a chance to be off the clock. I love my job as a stay-at-home mom but honestly enjoy the moment my husband walks in and I can split the list with him.

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